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Mean Girls

  • Posted by admin
  • On November 8, 2015
  • auckland, blog, kidz therapy, mean girls, new zealand, parenting, therapy
Soon after school started in February, I listened in horror as a friend told me about the ‘mean girls’ at her daughter’s kindy. Just shy of four, her little girl had come home in tears because an older girl in kindy had told her that because she had accidentally stepped on the girl’s new skirt, […]
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The Joy of Teenagers

  • Posted by admin
  • On November 16, 2015
  • auckland, blog, joy, kidz therapy, new zealand, parenting, teenager, teenagers, therapy
The parent of a very anxious 13-year old recently described to me a familiar scene. The boy had muddied his shoes, and his mum had left them to soak in the laundry sink, after dutifully giving them a good scrub. The next day in the rush to get ready for school, the boy yelled at […]
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